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Bryson Amato

Bryson Amato

Title: Technical Director

Email: Click Here

What college did you attend?

University of Iowa

What was your major?

Health and Sport Studies

Why did you choose this major?

Fitness and health is my absolute passion. I love being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

What are your goals in life?

Get married, have children, and be the best possible father and husband.

Soccer Experience?

I’ve played soccer since I was 5 years old, playing for Urbandale Premier and Urbandale High School. I also played 3 years of club soccer at the University of Iowa.

Favorite Soccer Move?

The Cruyff turn.

Greatest Soccer Highlight?

Winning the gold medal with the Cosmic Brownies at the 2011 Iowa Games by assisting the game-winning goal in extra time of the Championship game.

What is your experience with children?

Coached at several soccer camps. Also coached U5 tot soccer and youth basketball in the fall of 2011.

Why Des Moines Legends?

The Des Moines Legends is the perfect program to teach kids the basics about soccer and associate fun with the game.

What is your goal with the Des Moines Legends?

To introduce children to the beautiful game of soccer and nurture their love of the sport.


Soccer, working out, listening to music, watching Manchester United dominate all competition, and spending time with family and friends.

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