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A child's first experience in organized sports is very important. Often times in youth soccer, kids will get involved in the local rec league with a volunteer coach who may or may not know much about the game. They probably have little experience in education and working with young kids, however are given a great responsibility in nurturing and developing the young soccer star. If the young player has a negative first experience with soccer his or her entire concept of the game, and sports in general, can be impacted.

The Future Legends program is meant to cure this societal problem. Our coaches have specific ability in working with young kids and encouraging and motivating. The way in which they engage kids and encourage them to go for it is truly amazing.

The Legends philosophy and approach is nationally recognized for its ability to teach the core skills that make the game fun. We are experts in teaching the fakes and moves and shooting skills using fun and exciting games that are certain to be a hit with the kids.


The Des Moines Legends Soccer Club has Future Legends Leagues each season for kids up to the U9 Level (U6-U9). The Future Legends program will be the best individual development opportunity for your young player. Future Legends players will participate in weekly skill sessions, which use fun games to develop some of the best fakes and moves in soccer. Each weekend, the Future Legends players will also have a chance to show off their newly learned skills in league games versus other Future Legends teams. Your young soccer star will not want to miss this opportunity! Follow the links on the left for more information!

At the Des Moines Legends we believe that every child, regardless of age or skill level should be entitled to the best professional coaching around.  That is why all our coaches are paid professionals, no volunteer or parent coaches.  Our professional coaches work with children from ages 2 and up, so you know that when you decide to allow your child to become part of the Des Moines Legends program you are allowing your child to learn from the best coaches in the game!!!

Want to see what hard work and proper coaching can do for your child?  Just watch the video below for some highlights of a 4 year old child in our Future Legends program down in Kansas City!!



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