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Summer League Information 2017



The HappyFeet League is an excellent opportunity to see your little one further develop and showcase his/her HappyFeet soccer skills. Our league curriculum maximizes fun and friendship to ensure your child always wants to come back! We have found that parents & grandparents enjoy the league program as much as the kids!  Every child is welcome in our program.  No previous experience with HappyFeet is needed.


Mini Class & Games
Each league game is preceded by a 20-25-minute HappyFeet "Mini Class". During the "Mini Class" your child will enjoy fun games and adventures that will get them dribbling and shooting in a fun, imagination-based atmosphere. This serves as an excellent ice breaker for the players and prepares them for their game. The 30-40 minute league game immediately follows the "Mini Class" and introduces the players to goal scoring and the concept of team play.


About the Teams
The HappyFeet League is on weekends. It is offered for all children ages 2-5 years old. If your child just turned 6 they are also allowed to register for our program through our Future Legends side.  The kids are grouped with their friends in teams of similar ages from the same school. This is the perfect way to make team play great fun and introduce kids to organized team sports. They have a blast because they’re familiar with their HappyFeet coach, the HappyFeet approach and their friends from school!









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