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HappyFeet Birthday Parties

HappyFeet Birthday Parties are a Blast!

Your child enjoys HappyFeet at school so why not share the fun with friends at his/her next birthday party?

HappyFeet birthday parties are designed to give the guest of honor special recognition and are an absolute blast for all guests!! Our HappyFeet birthday party curriculum includes fun games such as:

  • Pirates in the Sea
  • Foxes & Rabbits
  • King of the Jungle, Sharks & Minnows
  • Many more!

HappyFeet birthday parties can be held at a HappyFeet location, local park, local gym or the child's home! HappyFeet coaches are trained to put on an excellent program in a variety of spaces. The average basement is easily big enough!!



LOCATION We travel to the location of your choice. Located at our office in Waukee, Iowa
DETAILS One hour of HappyFeet fun, the Coach will make it personal to the birthday child by including their favorite characters in HappyFeet games and songs One hour of playtime led by our HappyFeet coach. After the hour of HappyFeet fun, you will have a private space in our facility to eat cake and open presents.
T-SHIRT Includes a t-shirt for your birthday child Includes a t-shirt for your birthday child
TOTAL COST 12 kids (1 HappyFeet Coach) - $99.00
Over 12 kids - $129.00
$149.00 for 12 kids (additional kids are $10/child)

* To book a party a required amount of $50.00 of a non-refundable deposit is needed


HappyFeet Party Booking Form

Date Requested: _______________________________________________

# of Guests (incl Bday child): _____________________________________

Child’s Name: ___________________________ How old will he/she be turning?: _____

Parents’ Name: ________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________ Cell Phone: _____________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

To reserve a date and time a $50 deposit is needed
One week before the party, let us know how many guests and the approx. ages.

INSURANCE: Participants are expected to carry their own accident insurance. Parents are responsible for any medical bills incurred resulting from injury at a HappyFeet birthday party

By signing below, I understand that the deposit is non-refundable should I cancel the party. I agree to pay the balance before the party begins. I understand there is a $25 charge for returned checks. I understand that any changes to the party must be in writing (email is acceptable).

Parent Signature______________________________ Date______________

Special Requests or comments:
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Number of guests: Total amount due:_________________

$50 deposit rec’d:________ Check date________ Check #_____ Deposit Date_____

Date Confirmed:___________ Confirmation Sent/Date:___________

Balance received: ________Check date_______ Check # _____ Deposit Date______

Special Notes:________________________________________________________


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HappyFeet Locations
  • Ask us for details and schools we currently partner with.