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Altoona League Info Fall 2017

Registration for our Spring League is underway! We are looking to add multiple teams to all of our leagues this spring. This is a great way for your little one to show off the skills and confidence they've been developing in our school program. We offer the following leagues:

It's guaranteed to be a blast!




Tiny Toes

30-minute sessions full of fun songs, games and adventures with a soccer ball. Parents will join their youngsters on the field at the end of each class to play and score some goals. Little Little Toes will be less team focused and more centered around child development as compared to our other HappyFeet league offerings, with an emphasis on helping the children increase their gross motor skills, balance and agility.

At HappyFeet, we are focused on the holistic development of the child. We have noticed that young kids haven't quite grasped the concept of the game, and we want to begin to develop them at the most optimum level to help them grow and succeed. As the season progresses, we will introduce and incorporate the concept of the team and game as participants ascend the HappyFeet ladder.


AGE GROUP 2 year olds
SEASON Monday's Sept 11th - Oct 23rd
DURATION 30 minutes
GAME TIMES 5:45pm - 6:15pm
COST $99 for 7 weeks


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Little Toes

Little Toes is a special division of HappyFeet League just for 3 and 4 year old's. Little Toes sessions will be 60 minutes long and will include fun songs, games, and adventures with a soccer ball. At the end of each Little Toes session parents are invited to join their children on the field to score some REAL soccer goals! This is a great introduction to the HappyFeet League for your littlest ones.

AGE GROUP 3 years olds
SEASON Monday's Sept 11th - Oct 23rd
DURATION 60 Minutes
GAME TIMES 6:15pm - 7:15pm
COST $99 for 7 weeks



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Big Toes

Big Toes is the next step in player development. Big Toes will have a 20-30 minute training session prior to each game where our coaching staff will teach the kids a new move that will be encouraged throughout the game.  All players will receive equal playing time throughout the season. 

AGE GROUP 4 – 5 years old
SEASON Monday's Sept 11th - Oct 23rd
DURATION 20-30 minute training session plus a 30 minute game
GAME TIMES 7:15pm - 8:15pm
COST $99 for 7 weeks



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Hurry - Space is Extremely Limited!


Please Call 515-705-3338  or

Email director@happyfeetdesmoines.com


We look forward to seeing you this Fall!!

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